I love a good challenge especially when money is involved. Why not lose a little weight while gaining some coins?!

Here are some weight lose challenges I’ve committed to and I can honestly say its works.

  • Diet Bet – A website where you can can create your own challenge or join a challenge to lose at least 4% of your weight. They have challenges that last for a one month or six months. You will need to have a digital scale and take your intial weigh in and final weight in at the end of challenge. Check out site here Diet Bet and download the app on your phone.
  • Step Bet- Is the same challenge above except you are walking. Based off your steps that you already do daily they will analyze a goal for you to meet. You must have a Smart Watch or Fitbit. Check them out here StepBet

I also see that they have added Run Bet. I haven’t tried this challenge yet. If you know of any other weight loss challenges comment below.

I encourage you all to try these games if you have not already. They are very fun and motivating. I don’t like to lose money so I’m always up for the challenge. I think I will be joining a new challenge for September. See ya there!

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