So lately  I have been working out at the house and when I work out at home I do DVD workouts or Skimble Trainer.   But when I’m in the gym I have my togo to equipment’s for cardio.




  1. Ellipticalelliptical

 I love this machine.  Its stationary but you burn so many calories versus the treadmill (In my opinion). This machine is good for those that have minor injuries due to running.  Work your legs, glutes, arms and lower abs all in one and you will feel it afterwards.   I usually do 30 mins or 1hr and burn about 600 calories.

2. Step Climber



I wish we had this at my gym but we have something similar.   This will definitely get your heart rate up and get those legs nice!


3. Stationary Bike




 Go hard or go slow either way it goes you get a great workout on this machine.  I love riding bikes but due to so many hit and runs I rather just stick to the stationary bikes 🙂

4. Treadmill



Walk, run or jog.  It gets the job done.  I use to be a runner but I need to begin again…













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