I REALLY don’t like Bananas.  I can not eat a raw banana but I love the smell of a bananas…I know crazy right?  The only way I would eat my bananas is if it was frozen  or in my smoothies.  I freeze my bananas because they last longer  and I love the consistency it gives  for my smoothies.

If you want a creamy treat that healthy try this.


Peel, chop and freeze your bananas.  I usually have frozen bananas in my freezer in a zip-lock bag.

Freeze overnight or for about 8hr till its nice and hard

I used 1 medium-large banana for 1 serving which was cut in half.

Place chopped bannaa in your blender

Add vanilla extract (optional)

I also added 2 tbsp of vanilla Bliss creamer so that the banana would cream nicely( You can add water or Almond Milk)

Then just blend till it gets nice and thick


I have a Ninja Blender so this blended very well and quick.



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