Albolene has been around for years.  Its actually a moisturizing cream to remove dirt and makeup from your face.


Professional athletes, especially Boxers use Albolene to  to meet their weigh-in requirements.  One of the quickest ways to lose some retained water is to sweat it out.  Albolene is made of mineral oil that liquifies on skin contact. Just rub some Albolene on your problem areas and saran wrap the area or use a waist trimmer and do some cardio for at least 30 mins.   Once you remove the wrap you will be dripping wet! This is a great add on to your weight loss plan. You can buy Albolene at your local drug store like CVS or Walgreens.   REMEMBER DRINK WATER!!


Please note that the water you shed is ONLY temporary…If you continue to eat processed, fastening and salty foods you will gain those inches or pounds you lost just as quick!

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