Majority of the time when I work out (at home)  I typically use my Sauna Suit.  What the Sauna Suit will do is make you sweat more when you are working out.  I don’t wear the pants I just wear the shirt to sweat more on my upper body.  You can buy one from Wal-Mart for under $10. It works well I must say…but I don’t like the aftermath.  

Be sure to drink plenty of water because the sweat you are releasing is  majority water weight so you need to make sure you are hydrated before and after.  I have seen a few people wearing a sauna suit outside …but umm you won’t catch me outside with this trash bag on.. LOL


The Waist Trimmer is always a must for me to wear when I work out.   It supports your back and whole mid-section and also you will release a lot of water weight when using it.  You can also get this from Wal-Mart for under $8.  It surely will slim down your mid-section.  Remember drink your water when using these products!

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