Typically many people have excuses to why they don’t work out.   Examples: I don’t have a gym membership,  I’m work too late and don’t have time, I don’t have any workout clothes.. etc BLAH BLAH BLAH  

 It’s time to quite making excuses and just DO IT!!!  I’m not just preaching to  you but myself also…LOL!  I occasionally make excuses for myself but there is NOOOO reason for me not to workout.     I have a gym membership, I have too many workout clothes, I have time and I don’t have any kids (currently). 

 30 Mins a day will not harm you….if you can do more then go ahead!  Get your blood flowing, get your metabolism and heart rate up….Get off the couch and let’s GO!

 I would like to share with you some of my home exercises DVD’s I have right now that will for sure get you ready to get your heart pumping.


Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred


This DVD has three intense levels of cardio and strength in just 25mins.  Its a killer!



This is a new DVD i just ordered about a month ago. It’s about 45mins long focusing on your abs, glutes, arms. 

Hip Hop Abs


This DVD is fun if you like to dance. Good cardio. It has 3 different workouts for total body, ab sculpt, and fat burning cardio.

Billy Blanks boot camp Inferno


I love Billy Blanks from Taebo Abs.  If you ready for a bootcamp style workout. Pick this up. Its about 45mins long.

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  1. Love the jillian michaels workouts! No more trouble zones is absolutely insane! Think DVDs are massively underrated as a way to keep fit I use them and they’re brilliant!

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