water bottle

I can’t stress enough about how important water is. Water is about 60% of your body.  You need water to release everyday toxins that we eat, breath each day.  It’s recommended that we drink 64oz a day or half your body weight in ounces.  Example: If you weight 150lbs then you should drink 75oz of water.

Some benefits of drinking water:

  • Your kidney’s need water to do it’s job. We don’t want kidney stones.
  • Can produce healthy cells and digestive system which can reduce cancer risks.
  • It should also be noted that water is the most important part of keeping our body temperature stable especially during exercise.
  • Research shows that drinking water about 20 minutes before meals reduces the amount of calories a person eats.
  • Can improve your skin.  If you have acne you should put down the sugary drinks.
  • Can improve your mood – Its so easy to avoid this by staying hydrated.

Another good benefit I have started to do is adding lemon, cucumber or mint in my water.  I find that this also does a self cleaning by releasing toxins.  Plus you get vitamin C from the lemon which is needed daily to keep your immune system regular.


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